Teachers we are with you

No matter how much we want things to be back to normal, or what we thought was normal, they aren’t and we don’t know if and when they will be. We have to adjust to a new normal, and it can be done, but will take some time. Nowhere is this more an everyday occurrence than in schools.

The world has changed

Almost everything we were taught and learned as teachers has shifted, changed and/or been reworked. Every aspect of the day has been affected: morning meeting, tablework, lining up, eating snack and lunch, using the bathroom, using supplies, working together…it’s all changed. In some ways, we’ve learned better ways to do things, but in many ways, we haven’t found a way to teach the way we love and how best students learn.

Every day brings new hurdles that need to be overcome and, as problem solvers and overachievers, teachers pivot with grace and speed. It does get tiring…it does get frustrating…it does affect your mood. It does affect time on task and getting through the curriculum.

It feels overwhelming sometimes

Teachers already make thousands of decisions in a day and now we have to make even more. Does it feel overwhelming? Do you feel like your plate is overflowing and yet more is being heaped on? We understand…we truly do.

We are here to say that no one knows how to run a classroom or what their students need or what is most important to teach than a teacher. Students are not just our students, they are our family for a year….or sometimes more. Knowing pets’ and siblings’ names…knowing favorite television shows and characters…knowing the game that brings happiness…just a little of what the job also entails, but isn’t on the job description.

We want to help

EZStickerbook is here to help you support the class that is part of your everyday life no matter if you are in person, remote, homeschooling or on a vacation. We want to make all the demands that are placed upon you easier to handle so you can spend more time learning those pet names or reworking a partner lesson.

Teachers are the heart of our business and we want to make sure we are listening and helping where it is needed. We understand the unique position teachers have in this “new normal” and are thankful everyday for the devotion and integrity put into the profession. We hope we can offer just a small bit of support in your everyday teacher lives.  

Are you a Teacher, Administrator,
Student or Parent?