Reward and Delight Motivate Teach Engage your Students

Fun for kids. Fun for teachers.

EZ Stickerbook is fun for kids. They learn and have fun at the same time. 

We believe it should be fun for teachers as well... Your job is hard enough without fighting unnecessary interfaces and programs written by software developers that only other software developers would appreciate.

Getting started with EZ Stickerbook is… easy. Just check out the Manage Section. When you are ready to use EZ Stickerbook in your teaching environment, you can see the rest… sending Rewards, Communicating with parents, Planning and Teaching.

Have fun!

How to Manage your School

Introduction to the Manage Section

How to Manage Stickers Packs

How to Manage Pop-It Packs

How to Manage Certificates

How to Manage and create Custom Rewards

How to Manage Classrooms

How to Manage Teachers

How to Manage Students

How to Manage Templates

How to Send Rewards

Introduction to the Teaching Section

How to Send a Sticker

How to Send a Pop-It

How to Send a Certificate

How to Send a Custom Reward

How to Send a Comment

How to Communicate

How to Use the Parent Inbox

How to Use the Bulletin Board

How to Send Announcements

How to Plan and Teach

How to Create and Use Assignments

How to Create and Use Skills

How to Create and Use Goals

How to Create and Use Groups

How to Use Data

Using the Log

Using the Calendar

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