Standards-Based Learning

Did you know that in addition to being able to reward students with interactive stickers, EZ Stickerbook also helps teachers track progress on Standards-Based Learning skills? Standards-Based Learning is a huge catch phrase in education these days. Standards are written descriptions of what students need to know at the end of each specific grade level, and vary by state.  These Standards don’t specifically describe how curricula must be taught, but gives teachers a guide to understanding what their students need to know when they leave their classroom. EZ Stickerbook makes tracking progress on these standards easy!

Each curriculum area has its own set of standards that need to be tracked to see student progress. For example, an Elementary School teacher needs to teach to the standards of English/Language Arts, Math, Science/Technology, and Social Studies. In addition to these formal standards, Social-Emotional learning takes place in every classroom throughout the day. EZ Stickerbook makes it easier for teachers to keep all of this data organized and tracked to easily share it with families and within educational teams

Within the EZ Stickerbook platform, teachers can track Standards and SEL goals using the Skills and Goals features.  Teachers can add specific standards-based skills into the Skills feature. They can then set up a goal of how many times that skill needs to be exhibited in the Goals feature.  You can keep track of academic and social skills that relate to each standard to create evidence of achievement, which is helpful when filling out students’ report cards.

If you are a kindergarten teacher, for example, and one of your standards is “knows addition facts to 5”, you can add that skill into the Skill feature. Each time a student makes progress towards the goal, you can simply click a button to the right of the skill to track their progress towards the skill. The student is automatically sent a notification congratulating them on their hard work. You can additionally reward the student with stickers through the message system. This shows the student and the parent that they are working towards the Goal of knowing their addition facts, and the student gets a fun sticker reward, too!  

If a student is having trouble with a specific standard, teachers can use the Message feature to message the family to collaborate on how to best help the student progress, all within the app. Teachers can even add activities and links that would help the student in the Assignment feature!  Each feature supports the student in learning and gives positive reinforcement when they are having success.

Another key feature of EZ Stickerbook is a log that is kept of all messaging, which allows for reporting of Standards-Based Learning.  It keeps everything organized and easy to access when the data is needed for report cards, parent conferences or to discuss any type of supports that need to be put into place for a student. Often, teachers are seeking to know whether students have automaticity with a skill, which is implied in the standards for mastery of the skill. 

If you set a goal for the student to successfully complete the skill multiple times in the Goals feature, and the student completes that, you are able to see the data that the student does have the automaticity they need in order to move on to the next skill. With EZ Stickerbook, all of the data for every Standard for every student can be easily tracked and viewed all in one place! No more notepads and data sheets cluttering your desk, and you can share this data easily to collaborate with other educators and families!

Kim LaCoste

Kim LaCoste

Kim LaCoste has worked in early childhood education for over 30 years. She has a BS in Elementary Education, a MS in Early Childhood Education and a CAGS in School Leadership. When not in her kindergarten classroom, she likes to read, spend time with her dogs, go to the beach and spend time with her son and husband. Using technology in her classroom is one of her passions.

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