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Welcome to EZ Stickerbook.

EZ Stickerbook is an engagement and rewards platform for students in the PreK-6th grade. It is a methodology that embraces positive reinforcement. Using simple and effective sticker rewards, EZ Stickerbook engages and delights students with thousands of animated designs. EZ Stickerbook is ideal for all kinds of schools and teachers including traditional, private and parochial schools, music, dance, sports and specialty instruction.

EZ Stickerbook is a complete messaging interface that integrates stickers and incentives into your existing teaching methodology. A robust assignment module allows you to track and reward assignments within the app. The achievements and goals feature allows teachers to reward social and emotional skills or for a job well done. You can message a student individually, groups of students, the entire class or even the school. Finally, a complete parent communications platform allows parents to be a part of their child’s learning journey. Teachers and parents can use the messaging interface to communicate with parents directly.

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