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Setting Up Teachers


Here you can enter teachers and assign them to classrooms. As an admin you are already listed in the system as a teacher, whether you teach a class or not.

  • Hit the plus sign to add a teacher other than yourself.
  • Enter the teacher’s email address
  • Select the class or classes they teach.
  • Hit submit

Teachers will receive an email with login instructions and register themselves into the system.

Finish Setting Up Teachers

If a teacher has not yet registered for EZ Stickerbook, their email will appear in grey font.

Delete a teacher using the trash icon.

Teachers will only see the green “Teacher” interface on the lower part of the navigation pane. 


Teacher Interface

You can select whether you wish teachers to manage students and approve them into their classroom – either by approving ones that have self-registered via QR code in the classrooms section or inviting students directly via the students tab by enabling the Manage Students slider.


Enable Manage Students so that teachers can add students into their classroom


Teachers can manage their classrooms and students if allowed to by the administrator

Still confused? Check out the video below:

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