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Setting Up Students


Use this interface to invite students to a classroom via email.

  • Enter the student’s first name and their parent’s email.
  • Add a student or students to multiple classes by selecting the appropriate class(es).

Bulk importing students

Import a CSV that is formatted as follows:

  • Student’s first name
  • Parent Email
  • Classroom name

You can import 50 students at a time this way.

Enrolling Students

If a student’s name appears in grey, they have not yet downloaded the application and enrolled. They need to do so to be active in your EZ Stickerbook classroom.

If they’re already in the EZ Stickerbook database (enrolled in another class or at another school), their full name and information will appear here.

Only once they are enrolled, can they be messaged by a teacher via this system.


We take student and teacher privacy very seriously. We will not share any information with any third party. Ever.

A parent or legal guardian must provide explicit consent to allow for student/teacher communications for the purposes of sending stickers, rewards, incentives, announcements and awards.

This required consent is at the end of a student’s signup.

How to add siblings

Multiple siblings may be added by associating them with the same parent’s email.

Each student will set a unique four digit PIN code to use when logging themselves into their stickerbook.

Finish adding students

Delete students or edit their assigned classrooms using the pencil edit icon and trash can in the student section.

You cannot change a student’s personal information as it’s controlled by their parent or legal guardian at registration.

The student’s email is only visible to those with administrative privileges.

Once you are done adding students, go to the Teacher section to learn how to use EZ Stickerbook.

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