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Setting up Classrooms


In EZ Stickerbook, you will first want to set up classrooms

In the classrooms section, you can create classrooms and enable sticker packs. To add a classroom:

  • Click the plus sign. 
  • Assign a name to that classroom. 
  • Hit submit to save this classroom. 
  • You can create a classroom by clicking on the Classroom tab.

The list shows all of the classrooms in your school. When you create a classroom, it generates a QR code and a classroom code you can use to invite students.

This class QR code can be scanned by parents or they can enter the class code when prompted. You can download the QR code poster to include it in your communications to parents, post it around your classroom or send it home to your students. You can even use the email option and we’ll populate the QR code into an email you can use to send to parents.

Continue to encourage your kids and parents to scan the QR code with their phone to download their apps and instantly register their kids into your class. Once a child has registered, they will appear in the classroom section for approval. You will need to approve them into the class for extra security.

Approving Students into the classroom

If you don’t recognize the registration, you can simply delete that entry by hitting the X. Additionally, if you have allowed teachers to invite and approve students in the teachers section, they can approve the students on their own.

You can also lock the classroom here to prevent kids from self-registering using the QR code.

Once approved, you can send kids messages and communicate with their parents. The parents will get communication from EZ Stickerbook encouraging downloading two apps – one for students and one for parents:

Student App
Parent App

The kid app contains the stickerbook and will be where they will look to interact with the fun stickers, incentives and assignments you send them. They will also tap on the stickers and pop-its to interact with the animations and games. The parent app contains your messages as well but also includes the handy parent inbox so parents can communicate with you through the app as they participate in their child’s learning journey.

Still confused? See the video below:

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