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Sending Comments


You can use this to send a comment without a sticker

  • Click on Messages in the green side menu
  • Click on Comment
  • Choose the class to which you will be sending a comment.
  • You can filter by groups if you have made any groups.
  • You can assign the comment to a goal if you have made any goals.
  • You can choose to send the comment to one, multiple or all students.

  • If you have skills set up, you can choose to send a comment related to one of the skills.
  • Type your comment into the box and click send.

The student will get a notification in their EZ Stickerbook that they have a comment.

Pro Tip: Organize your sticker packs by favorites by hitting the heart button. They will now be categorized as “Favorites”

Want to see more? Check out the video below:

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