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Preparing to use EZ Stickerbook


As with any new technology, you’ll want to let your teachers, students and parents know that your class or school will be using EZStickerbook.

A simple note to teachers will give them a heads up so they don’t miss our registration emails.


To notify teachers about EZ Stickerbook, we recommend an email with the following information:

Hello! We are introducing a new student information and messaging tool called EZ Stickerbook that allows you to use a virtual “sticker book” with animated stickers to award your students. You can use this in assignments, messages, or even to incentivize your class. You’re going to love the EZ Stickerbook skills and goals module and find the complete parent messaging system seamless and effective. Moreover, you can use the parent messaging section to message your students’ parents. When you receive an email from EZ Stickerbook, register yourself in the system.

While an email is convenient, consider giving teachers a quick demo of the application to show them how easy and useful it will be for them – or we recommend sharing the below link to give them a good overview:

Students and Parents

EZ Stickerbook comes with free student and parent apps that are designed to work together. Students get access to their sticker books with a messaging system to communicate with their teacher. Parents get access to their child’s sticker books and a messaging system to communicate with the student’s teachers. As parents register, they will get emails regarding both of these apps, where to find them and how to access them.

You can customize the below email to give parents and students a heads up that your school will be using EZ Stickerbook.

We’d like to introduce you to a great new student information and messaging tool that your child’s teacher will be using. EZ Stickerbook is an app to reward and track student progress using animated stickers – and is completely free to students and parents. Your child’s teacher will be able to reward assignments and will award virtual stickers and pop-its to enhance the learning environment. Registering is easy. We will send you a QR code which you can use to download the student app and register your child in the class. Moreover, you can use the parent portal to communicate with your child’s teachers. Instructions on downloading the parent app will come straight from EZ Stickerbook. Enjoy!

The following video will also be helpful in providing instructions to parents and students on how to register in EZ Stickerbook:

And finally, get kids excited with the below fun video from Maya that goes through all of the different messages that they will get in their stickerbook:

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