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Incentives and Rewards


An Incentive and Reward is a special pair of messages used to incentivize an activity and motivate students.  

You can send a message that is an incentive for the student and students will receive a grayed-out sticker with the message.

When the student completes the activity, you can send a reward to activate the sticker in full color and with special animation.   

How to create incentives and rewards 

  • Click on the Classroom dropdown menu to choose your class. 
  • If you wish to only message a group, click on the Group dropdown menu.  If you want to choose everyone or a few individual students, leave the Group menu on All
  • Click on the student or click on Send Multiple to select multiple students
  • You can select a skill from the “Select a Skill” drop down menu if you wish.  
  • Type in the incentive text and click next.
  • Select a sticker from your available sticker packs.
  • Click “Send.”

Rewarding Incentive

  • To activate (or reward) the incentive, click “Reward Incentive” in the student’s row. 
  • Click on the specific incentive to reward.  
  • Type an encouraging message in the reward comment.  
  • Click “Send.”

The student sees the sticker in full color with a celebration animation!

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