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The Goals feature is a powerful tool to create an incentive that rewards a child for fulfilling a skill, task or assignment multiple times.

  • Inactive Goals are goals that have been created, but not activated for students.
  • Active Goals are goals that are active and can be reviewed in the goal log.
  • Archived Goals are goals that have been archived and can be reactivated as needed.

  • Click on Goals in the green side menu.
  • Type in the name of a Goal and click on Create Goal.
  • Goal Target is how many times you want to see the goal exhibited; Goal Description gives details of the goal.

  • Select who will be assigned the goal.  You can select a group that you made previously, all the students or individual/multiple students.

  • Choose the sticker that you want sent when the goal is completed.

  • Student(s) will receive a notification of the goal with a grayed out sticker.
  • Hover over the Goal that students are working on and click to access the Goal Log .
  • Each time the behavior is exhibited, go to the green side menu and click on Messages and then select a message you want to send. Type in a comment and assign the comment to a Goal.

  • Go back and hover over the Goal that you sent the comment and Goal Log will appear.

  • Click on Goal Log and you will see that one step of the goal has been completed.  Each time  the student exhibits the behavior, add a message and the progress of the goal will increase.

  • Students will get a notification each time you send a message and they will see the progress of their goal increase.
  • Once the goal is completed, you can click on Reward Goal in the Goal Log.  The student will get a notification with the full color sticker.

Still Confused? See the video below:

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