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EZ Stickerbook Sticker Guide for Students


There are all kinds of messages you can receive from your teachers along with a sticker. These messages are as follows:


An announcement will appear in your sticker book with a megaphone next to it. This might be a message about something happening in your class or school or just something the teacher wants to be sure you know. 


A comment is a message your teacher will send directly to you. It will appear with a pencil next to it. These could be words of encouragement, a suggestion about how you could improve, or just a note to make you smile. 


Your teacher might send you a sticker for a variety of reasons. Your teacher will write a short comment with the sticker to let you know why you’ve received it. 


Your teacher will create certain skills for you to continue to practice. If you see a ladder icon in the bottom right corner below the sticker, you will know you received this sticker because you are making progress in that skill area.

Incentive and Rewards

If your teacher wants you to work on something specific, he or she may send you an incentive or reward. 

If you have not yet completed the task, the sticker will be greyed out. Once you complete the task, you will see the animated sticker in your book. 


Your teacher may create assignments for you. An assignment will appear in your sticker book with a notebook icon. You’ll see the title of the assignment and directions or instructions to complete the assignment. There may or may not be a due date. You can compete and submit the assignment directly within EZ Stickerbook.

You’ll also see a greyed out sticker. Once you complete the assignment, your teacher will activate your sticker and it will appear in your sticker book.

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