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How to get started with EZ Stickerbook


Registering into EZ Stickerbook is super easy:

 First, scan the QR code that your teacher provided. 

Download the EZ Stickerbook app and then enter the child’s name and your email. 

You will be emailed a temporary password to the address you provide. Use the email and temporary password to begin registration. You can then change your password to a permanent one. 

After that, you will be asked for your name and consent to have your school’s teachers communicate with your child. We do not share student communication with any third party. 

Finally, your child can select a four-digit access code that they can then use to access their EZ stickerbook. This way multiple kids from your household can use the same email address.

Once your child selects the four-digit access code, they can select an avatar. Their classroom stickerbook is set to pending status until their teacher accepts them into the classroom.

After this, your child will start receiving communications from teachers, including fun stickers, pop-its and assignments that will incentivize them to learn and grow. Have fun!

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