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Assignments can help the teacher and student keep track of units and lessons that have been covered in class and for homework. They are meant to work seamlessly with the tools and resources you already use. Assignments can be created and used in conjunction with skills, goals or on their own.  

You can track all of the assignments in the main assignments page. Here you can see which assignments are overdue as they will be red. Feel free to archive the assignments by clicking the red archive button. When you click on the assignment, you go to that assignment’s log page, where you can reward your students for completing that assignment. You can reward an assignment any time, individually and in groups, and the progress bar quickly assesses how many of the students have been rewarded for completing the assignment.

Creating an Assignment

  • Click on assignments in the green side menu.
  • Active Assignments have been sent out and are still outstanding. You can continue to assign to new students or review the submissions in the assignment log. Hover over the active assignment and you will see an Assign button and an Assignment Log button. Click on the red down arrow to archive.
  • Inactive Assignments have not yet been activated. Once they are activated, they can be assigned to students. Hover over the inactive assignment and you will see an Activate Assignment button. Click on the red down arrow to archive.
  • Archive Assignments have been archived and can be reactivated at a later date. Click on the green up arrow to reactivate.

  • Create a new assignment by clicking on Assignment Title, fill in a name of the assignment and click create.
  • You can type in a description of the assignment and can also add an attachment.
  • Click Next

  • You can add a due date or leave it without a due date.
  • You can assign to one student, multiple, groups or all students.
  • Click on Activate for immediate activation or Activate Later to make it an Inactive Assignment.

Rewarding an assignment

  • Students will receive a notification of the assignment with a grayed out sticker so they know what they will be earning when the assignment is complete.
  • Once the students complete the assignment, the teacher will receive a notification in the assignment log that the assignment is complete.

  • The teacher can comment on the assignment, give it a number grade if warranted and send the sticker reward.
  • Students will get a notification with the full color sticker.

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