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Assignments can help the teacher and student keep track of units and lessons that have been covered in class and for homework. They are meant to work seamlessly with the tools and resources you already use. Assignments can be created and used in conjunction with skills or on their own.  

How to Create an Assignment

  • Select the classroom from the dropdown menu
  • Create a title for your assignment so you can keep track of it
  • Click “create assignment.”
  • In the create assignment window, you can choose the students to whom you wish to assign the work. 
    • If you’ve created groups, you can select the group you want from the dropdown menu or you can select all to assign to all students.
    • You can also select certain students by checking the box next to their name.
  • Click next to continue with the assignment or “activate later” to save the assignment for later. This can be useful for lesson planning, and the assignments will be listed under “inactive assignments” on the main assignments page. Once you are ready you can resume creating an inactive assignment by clicking on it.
  • If you wish, you can select a skill you would like to associate with the assignment from the dropdown menu.
  • Enter the message text for the assignment in the text box that you want your students to see.
  • If you would like to add a due date, click the “add due date” button. 
  • Click next and choose a sticker you wish to use to reward the successful completion of the assignment.
  • Click activate.
  • You students will receive a notification that an assignment has been created in the form of a greyed-out sticker

You can track all of the assignments in the main assignments page. Here you can see which assignments are overdue as they will be red. Feel free to archive the assignments by clicking the red archive button. When you click on the assignment, you go to that assignment’s log page, where you can reward your students for completing that assignment. You can reward an assignment any time, individually and in groups, and the progress bar quickly assesses how many of the students have been rewarded for completing the assignment.

How to Reward an Assignment:

  • Click on either the “Reward Multiple” button to reward multiple students or click the “Reward Assignment” button next to the student name.
  • Select the sticker and enter an encouraging text in the reward comment.
  • Hit send. The student will receive the sticker you selected in full color and with a special animation.
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