How to make homework fun

Many of our students hate homework, as well as parents and most of the teachers. When children get home after a day at school, homework is usually the last thing they want to do, and for parents, getting their children to complete homework can be a stressful task. Teachers, besides creating the assignments, have to assess them, record results, and give feedback to students.

A necessary evil?

However, homework cannot be eliminated. So, what can teachers do to help everybody have a good time with assignments? Well, there are ways to make it more fun and exciting for both parents and children.

From my experience, the best thing to do is to turn homework into a game-like activity. With young children, it is easy; they have fun solving crosswords, word searches, and matching activities.  They love challenges, art, experiments, and movement. So, you have where to choose, depending on your teaching needs.

When we were practicing tongue-twisters, for example, I challenged my students to make a video saying their favorite one. It required a lot of practice. However, it didn’t stop the children from having great fun when doing it, and again when they shared the videos in class. That was an unforgettable experience, for them and for me!

Make Homework Fun

So… give it a try! Great fun homework can include drawing and coloring following instructions, devising or playing a board game, interviewing a family member, drawing them on a specific artist style, filming a short video like a YouTuber, and lots of other options.

Now, children have access to computers and iPads, and there are great online platforms and apps that they will love using to do homework, and at the same time, will make your work easier. 


You can manage homework via Assignments in EZ Stickerbook in conjunction with goals and skills.

EZ Stickerbook, for example, is ideal to issue assignments, manage skills, reward achievement, and provide feedback. Yes, everything in the same place! 

And your students will love the animated stickers they will get as incentives or rewards for completing the fun activities you assign. 

You know that incentives and rewards, as well as enjoying what they do,  can work wonders in getting children to love completing their homework, and boost their engagement both inside and outside the classroom. 

Turn your creativity on and design fun activities for the next assignment. Your students will love homework!

Analia Rossello

Analia Rossello

I’m an English teacher with many, many years enjoying classroom time with first-graders, as well as with high school students. I really love teaching; I love planning and creating the best content and activities for my students, those that will give them enjoyment and learning at the same time. However, what I love the most is watching them while that magic happens and after that, when they’re praised or rewarded for their achievements. That completely fills my heart!

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