Behavior Intervention Plans

A behavior intervention plan is used to correct unwanted or negative behavior in the classroom.  Acknowledging the appropriate behavior with incentives can be more productive than punishing the negative behavior.  EZ Stickerbook is a great way to acknowledge and reward positive, appropriate behavior.

How to use Goals to reinforce good behavior

Using goals in EZ Stickerbook can provide “positive reinforcement to promote good behavior.”  Teachers can set up a goal in a student’s account and then decide how many times during a day the student needs to exhibit the appropriate behavior.  For example, if the teacher wants the student to stop what they are doing in order to transition to the next activity and they want it done on the first request, they add that as the goal.  

The next step is to decide how many times a day they want the student to follow through with this behavior.  If there are 7 transitions in a day, that is the amount they will put in the goal target.  Teachers can also add a goal description so that the student and their parents know exactly what they are working on.  Since the student will need to exhibit the behavior multiple times in a day, the teacher should choose a special super sticker, such as a Pop-it, for a reward.

Each time the student exhibits the behavior, the teacher can go into Messages and then Stickers.  On the Send Sticker page, they click on Assign to a Goal and choose the goal from the drop down menu. The student will then be sent a simpler sticker showing that they exhibited the target behavior.  This is a great way for the student AND the parents to see their progress each day.  

If the student exhibits the target behavior the number of times that were set up in Goal, they will then be rewarded with a super sticker at the end of the day.  The teacher can go into Goals and hover over the Active Goals and then click on Goal Log.  This will bring you to the student’s goal log and the super sticker can be awarded to the student.


One of the key features here is accountability.  It keeps the student and the parents aware of whether goals are being met or if there is more work to be done.  If students aren’t meeting the daily goals, the number of times expected to exhibit the behavior can be lowered until the student masters that amount and then the number can be raised.


Another key feature is consistency.  Consistency is very important in a classroom because it makes students comfortable in knowing what to expect and what the outcomes will be.  Students will know to look for their stickers to see if they reached their goal.  Each day they know that their progress will be accessible and will rely on that consistency.

Consistency also needs the dedication of the families so that students know what to expect and how rewards or areas to work on are dealt with.  When families check the student’s stickerbook after school to see if a goal has been met, they can talk to the student about how they did that day, including a discussion about how proud they are or how the student can work on meeting the goal the next day.  

This also gives the teacher a place to keep all the data so that when they have meetings or other support staff want to see how the student is progressing, it is all in one place.  If parents have questions about the behaviors, they can message the teacher right within the same platform.  It is a win-win-win situation for all.  Rest assured that our developers are constantly adding new features and fun, engaging activities. It’s as EZ as that!

Kim LaCoste

Kim LaCoste

Kim LaCoste has worked in early childhood education for over 30 years. She has a BS in Elementary Education, a MS in Early Childhood Education and a CAGS in School Leadership. When not in her kindergarten classroom, she likes to read, spend time with her dogs, go to the beach and spend time with her son and husband. Using technology in her classroom is one of her passions.

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