Communicate, Incentivize and Delight Motivate Encourage Engage your Students


Turbo charge your parent and student communications

EZ Stickerbook is an online sticker platform to engage teachers, students and parents. Keeping your young students organized and accountable is hard enough. Reward students more and communicate with parents all from one digital platform.  As a result, this will lead to fewer lost assignments and lack of accountability. It’s fun, easy and free.

Most importantly, teachers take advantage of a sticker rewards methodology that engages and delights students with thousands of animated stickers. 

Finally, EZ Stickerbook is a complete messaging interface that allows you to integrate stickers and incentives into your existing teaching methodology.


Message Central

Communicate directly with the student, parents, or to the entire class.


Teacher & Administrator

Teachers and administrators manage access in an easy to use secure portal.


It’s Free

Yes, it’s free. Teachers use the system for FREE and buy sticker packs as they need them.


Not Just A Stickerbook

Issue assignments, reward achievement, manage skills and provide feedback.

"All my students that use it, love it!"

Shih-Yi, Piano and Voice Teacher

FOR Students

Download the stickerbook for your device.

Go to your device’s app store to download your software or access it directly via the web. Your stickerbook is free to use!


All in One

Keep track of all of your assignments from multiple classrooms and teachers.

teacher (1)

Everything Here

Communicate with all of your teachers and keep track of your progress. All from one app.


So Much Fun

Customize your stickerbook and receive thousands of animated stickers


Never Lost

Never lose a stickerbook again. It’s all in the cloud, always available on any device.

"It's a good way to communicate with students"

Maya, 4th grade


Track your child’s progress from one single easy-to-use interface

You can access your kid’s sticker books here… for all of their classes in all of their schools. Communicate and message your teachers freely with a messaging app built in!

It's not just a Stickerbook


Why a sticker book?

We’ve digitized a tried and true methodology that teachers have used for generations.


Positive Reinforcement

A tried and true positive reinforcement technique that supports student learning. 


Communications Portal

Remain in the know and communicate directly with teachers.


We are committed to student privacy

We are proud to be the signatory to the 2020 Student Privacy Pledge, committing to keep student data safe, private and secure by effectively protecting the privacy of student information and communicating with parents as to how student information is used and safeguarded. We are pledging to carry out responsible stewardship and appropriate use of Student information, in adherence with the Student Privacy Pledge.